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Custom websites – Built for people first

Do you have an idea that you would like to bring to life? This is what we do. Custom website design is one of our strong suits. We take a people-first approach to designing your site, helps us to develop a project that not only looks great, but converts visitors into customers, by offering a great user experience, all built on a reliable stable platform.


Stand out from the crowd as we turn your vision and ideas into a beautifully designed, functional website that is unique to you and your brand.


Our commitment to helping others is part of who we are. We foster an environment allowing the people we work with to contribute, learn and grow.


We’re here to support you long term with a range of extra services that can be added as building blocks to your online success.

A streamlined service that makes it simple.

We’ve set out to deliver a service designed around building a functional, engaging website for your brand without all the fuss. Our people-first approach delivers a perfectly balanced outcome for your project.

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How it all works

Get in Touch
The first stage of any project is to get in touch with us. Click the Get Started button below to complete our form, here you can tell us more about your project.

Concept & Ideas
We take your requirements and go through the creation process. We present you with ideas and agree on a direction to take with the design stage.

Design & Develop
Here, we mock up the initial design of your site and with your feedback, we make any necessary revisions. Our approach focuses on elegance, usability and results.

Launch Your Site
Once you’re 100% satisfied with our work, we go through the final phases of hand-over and prepare to launch your site live for the world to see.

We’re transparent about our pricing

We understand how frustrating it can be with trying to get a ‘ball-park’ figure on a project. We also know that not all projects are created equal, they can vary greatly from what’s required from design and functionality, from a fully customised design, membership site or a e-commerce store.

We’ve decided to think outside of the box and provide you with a simple way of getting a ‘ball-park’ price on your project.
Just click the button below to fill out a few details about your project and YOU get to choose the budget you are prepared to work with. This means there are no unexpected surprises.

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Everything is what is seems.

Your project is literally what you make out of it. No tricks, no confusing processes. We’ll work with you to bring your vision to life with a beautiful, functional design.

Although we provide our creative expertise with a sleek style and unique site design to suit your business or brand, you’ll still have total control over your entire project.

Such a project requires to not only be built on a proven content management system (CMS), but also requires a rock solid Hosting solution… More on this in our faq’s.

Common questions

We’ve answered the most common questions we get from future customers just like you.

There are many variables to take into account here, like: The size and scope of your project, how quickly decisions can be made on the project and the time it takes for content to be supplied.

A rough guide on an average project turn-around time frame would be in the vicinity of 30-90 days whenever possible; in saying this, it really depends on your project.

We can 100% guarantee the work we do for you. Every website project we do receives a thirty (30) day fix-it solution, where we’ll fix any bugs/errors for the work we have done free of charge. But it doesn’t end there…

You will also have access to our very own Customer Support Portal, where you may send us a ticket for any questions or queries you may have relating to your website and or account at any time.

Although we’ll optimise your site to provide an efficient user experience and flow for converting site visitors to leads, what we do not guarantee is the future success of your website, as this can come down to how you drive traffic to your website – After all, it’s your site.

Sure you can! We can work with both new and existing WordPress websites. We relish the challenge of a site re-design or makeover.

Just make sure you select the re-design option in the design brief we ask you fill out.

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Although you are more than welcome to use your own hosting provider, we offer a Premium rock solid SSD hosting solution, with nothing to install / re-configure & no upgrades to worry about. On top of that, we also provide ongoing support with our hosting!

View hosting packages here

By hosting with us, you get the benefit of everything in the one place, as well as the added security in knowing that we ensure your website remains available at all times with our 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Depending on your project, we may offer lump sum payments or an alternative split payment arrangement. Whichever the case, we generally seek an upfront payment to get started on your project. We accept secure payment of Visa and MasterCard via Stripe.

If you have any questions, feel free to discuss this with your project manager for this option.

We understand how you feel…
Many of our clients had felt the same way before making any decisions, but what we have found, is that after we started discussing their project and needs, we ended up coming up with a solution.

We only ask one thing… If you have any questions write them if the form. It would be better to ask questions, than to say nothing and either make the wrong decision or pass up a great opportunity.

Click here to ask your question in our form. We can then help answer you questions from there.

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